Pagan parents: are your sons in Boy Scouts?

Either way, would you help a reporter out?  I’m interested in what you think of the Boy Scouts of America in the wake of the organization clearing the way for gay leaders. If you are involved, what’s the buzz?  How are people within scouting reacting? If your boy is not a scout, was that yourContinue reading “Pagan parents: are your sons in Boy Scouts?”

Hellenists and Pagan parents, can you help a reporter out?

After expressing my opinions on Percy Jackson, I find myself assigned an article on the topic for The Wild Hunt. I’d like to talk to Hellenists who love, hate, or are ambivalent about these books, so long as you’ve got reasons and can explain them! However, I also want to talk to the kids whoContinue reading “Hellenists and Pagan parents, can you help a reporter out?”

Pagan professionals and business owners, I have questions for you

I’m working on a business article, and I am looking for people to help me round it out.  Specifically, I would like to talk to Pagans who own a business or practice which has broad appeal outside the Pagan community.  I have talked to a lot of people who market products or services largely toContinue reading “Pagan professionals and business owners, I have questions for you”

Help me if you’ve been depressed

After sharing my views on depression, I started wondering about how people apply their religious symbols to the problem, for a story at The Wild Hunt.  I have been introduced to several professionals in the mental health field who may speak to me on the subject, but I’m also interested in what self-care techniques depressedContinue reading “Help me if you’ve been depressed”