The winter solstice is when members of the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan celebrate the Kheimenia, which is a busy festival that tips the hat to an oodle or two of ancient and modern celebrations.  We were unable to gather together and each of us was given the opportunity to celebrate separately.  ForContinue reading “Kheimenia”

My personal practice: adding layers

To look at what some Hellenic polytheists do to honor their gods can be more than a little overwhelming; must everyone devote so much time, energy, and resources to this path? Of course not. I doubt there are very many people who begin with a full-blown, life-altering schedule of personal devotion.  I also doubt thatContinue reading “My personal practice: adding layers”

My personal practice: the beginning

Getting started as a devotional polytheist can be tough, because there’s a lot to learn and there seem to be some landmines, too.  “No, you’re doing it wrong!” is something no one wants to hear.  There’s also the problem of trying to dip one’s toe in while having no one but Olympic swimmers as roleContinue reading “My personal practice: the beginning”

Throwback Thursday, polytheist edition

Last night, I lugged home the granddaddy of all throwbacks as my worlds collided in a delightful crash of divine will upon the more mundane aspects of my life.  The result of that collision was this 18.8-pound beauty: Pictured is a hunk of long-disused trolley track, which was removed from a crossroads about a quarter-mileContinue reading “Throwback Thursday, polytheist edition”