The dashing god, and other drawings

I got some surprisingly positive feedback from my first Poseidon drawing.  Not only did Sannion give me props, it’s actually been spoken for by a backer for my crowdfunding campaign to illustrate Depth of Praise. Far be it for me to look a gift horse in the mouth.  If stick-figure drawings of divinities tickle yourContinue reading “The dashing god, and other drawings”

Poseidon Hippios

Hail Hippios, thundering lord of horses! There is no distinction between the pounding of the surf, the rumble of the rocks, the surging of my heart, and the thunder of the hooves. Human labor would never be human mastery without these beasts. But human failings can ever forget the debts we owe, greatest to least.Continue reading “Poseidon Hippios”