Poseidon Hudsonios

Of all the places Poseidon touches by current, by surf, by rhythm of tide, none so clearly he holds as the river called Hudson from its mountainous sources to its bay, deep and wide. Named Hudson by English, North by the Dutch, and “drowned” by scholars eschewing gestalt, Poseidon is wed to this river’s greatContinue reading “Poseidon Hudsonios”

Poseidon Isthmios

Poseidon Isthmios, line in the sand who keeps the tide from subsuming the land. He whose granules, lightly tossed, define new patterns, the old ones lost. Korinthos-named and sacred kept, shaper of currents and drifts unswept. For him the ancient games were held in peace, the might of athletes swelled. Isthmios, merger of land toContinue reading “Poseidon Isthmios”

Poseidon Pelagaeus

I sing to Poseidon, god of the sea: called Pelagaeus by his temple-builders, keeper of the vital oceans, the place of beginnings and endings. Sailors and pirates pray for safe passage using your name, and those on land ask your blessing that those who leave shall soon return. Chosen by lot to rule the sea,Continue reading “Poseidon Pelagaeus”