Poseidon Asphaleios

I sing to the safe one, steadfast securer Poseidon Asphaleios, solid touchstone of my soul. Calmer of seas, settler of the earth, When ground I must, through you I do. Asphaleios, you bring the certainty, the routine, the expectation without which our minds and species cannot grow. I ask you to insure against disaster andContinue reading “Poseidon Asphaleios”

Poseidon Domatites

I sing to Poseidon Domatites, god of the house, the doorways, the windows. Builders of the walls of Troy, you bring safety and protection to your own. In the liminal spaces you dwell between sacred and profane, Purifying all that enters with your sacred waters. Domatites, you stand between me and the fearful unknown, andContinue reading “Poseidon Domatites”