New book release: Hymn to the Many Gods

I am thrilled to announce the publication of Hymns to the Many Gods, my newest devotional book. I give this work in offeringto the many gods.You, who are rightly worshipedby my people and others,and may delight in this offering. This is a book that is centered not on specific gods, but on the many godsContinue reading “New book release: Hymn to the Many Gods”

Honoring a hunter

Great goddess Artemis, mistress of all wild things, know that Peregrine is one of your own and receive him now into your care. Hear how this fierce hunter has made himself ready in your honor; of his adventures and deeds and kills more numerous than paws can count. Many a day Peregrine roamed his landsContinue reading “Honoring a hunter”

For my many gods

Follower of gods and friend of mortals let this work be shared with you and by you, for as offering to the deathless ones I pray it shall ever more delight their ears. Begin always with Hestia, first among those who dwell on high, who walks as one with or beside the wakeful Caffeina, bringingContinue reading “For my many gods”

For the many gods: a reader challenge

I posted to Mousaios the other day for a reason.¬† When the head of my temple read that prayer during my ritual of ordination, it was unfamiliar to some of us, and one of my (now) fellow temple priests said that he could write one that includes more of the gods than even that stupendousContinue reading “For the many gods: a reader challenge”