Depth of Praise is now published

It is done.  With the click of a mouse, my first book is released to the world.  Depth of Praise is now available via CreateSpace, and this Poseidon devotional will be available via in 3-5 business days.  It is not, and never will be, available in any electronic form. My Kickstarter backers were advisedContinue reading “Depth of Praise is now published”

My personal practice: epithets

When I look back at how terrified I was to get things wrong as I attempted to honor the theoi, particularly around the use of ancient Greek, I’m amazed that I didn’t simply smile and decide that this path wasn’t for me.  I did before, when I was invited to join a group of peopleContinue reading “My personal practice: epithets”

Poseidon Psychopompos

King Poseidon, the endless seas and all beneath are your domain. Nurturing one, the cycle of life is in your hands with which you hold the Earth you protect. Watcher from the depths, keeper of the tides, you bear the secrets of the dark places. I sing to you, Poseidon Psychyopompos, who takes the sailorsContinue reading “Poseidon Psychopompos”

Poseidon Agoraios

I sing of the market I sing to the sea I sing for the traders who bring community. I celebrate Poseidon as he opens the way to this human innovation, to exchange commodities. With the markets come a burden, a price not paid today. May Poseidon trade in wisdom of how this greed to stay.Continue reading “Poseidon Agoraios”