Poseidon Mousêgetês

A song never sung goes to Poseidon Mousêgetês, for memory flees and with it, this name. Leader of Muses before they gave beauty voice, guardian of the soft heart that through poetry, weeps. When the brothers divided the sky from the land, and each took a portion, his own to command, dark Haides withdrew toContinue reading “Poseidon Mousêgetês”

Poseidon Nymphagetes

By the trident of Poseidon struck upon the rocky froth does a pure and bubbling spring now dance and issue forth! Lord of nymphs of springs they arise at your command and issuing bubbling cataracts upon the thirsty land. The briny ocean’s salt does not touch these spirits fair; for this god of cooling springsContinue reading “Poseidon Nymphagetes”

Poseidon Dêlios

All honors are due to Poseidon Dêlios, who raised the sacred island from the sea. Without that holy place of sight the world would lack prophecy. Great god of the ocean foresaw a failing of mortal thought: that to externalize in law would distinguish might from ought. The insight that we lack is within theContinue reading “Poseidon Dêlios”

Poseidon Skotitas

Dark and murky lord of depths what secrets furrow your brow? What mysteries must you bear deep in the depths of your heart? The unfathomable depths hold treasure untold lost by frail mortals whose deeds are unknown. Into your deep lies much that is hidden but there is no darkness nor silt nor turbulent brineContinue reading “Poseidon Skotitas”