Mysteries of the bull

Dear Poseidon, This year’s vigil is at an end.  All that remains is to print out the rituals and hymns to preserve in my book of practice.  All that’s physical, at least.  There is much I need to ponder, as well. I know you exposed me to some of your mysteries.  For a writer, that’sContinue reading “Mysteries of the bull”

From Naiadis: Poseidon of the Mysteries

One of the continuing benefits of writing hymns to Poseidon is that it got Naiadis of Strip Me Back To The Bone to do the same.  She’s also writing Poseidon fiction this month, so please check out her blog if you haven’t. The gifts of the seas, which have fueled economies for as long asContinue reading “From Naiadis: Poseidon of the Mysteries”

What role does mystery play in your tradition?

If I’m not mistaken, the idea of mysteries comes from Hellenic tradition, so there’s that.  Some percentage of Hellenic Pagans have embraced mysteries ever since, right up until the present day.  The question is about my tradition, and that’s the answer.  I haven’t personally been initiated into any Hellenic mysteries, but there is something itchingContinue reading “What role does mystery play in your tradition?”

Mysteries and modern Hellenismos

I’ve been learning more about the enduring mystery religions of ancient Greece, some of which lasted a thousand years or more.  These cults coexisted with the religion of the polis, as well as the household devotions each family practiced.  They were different from either one in that they required initiation; Hellenes didn’t otherwise see religion asContinue reading “Mysteries and modern Hellenismos”