Help me if you’ve been depressed

After sharing my views on depression, I started wondering about how people apply their religious symbols to the problem, for a story at The Wild Hunt.  I have been introduced to several professionals in the mental health field who may speak to me on the subject, but I’m also interested in what self-care techniques depressedContinue reading “Help me if you’ve been depressed”

And, not or

The title of this post is how Anomalous Thracian describes the relationship of the terms “Pagan” and “polytheist” in his life, a concept he reminded me of when I interviewed him about his latest project.  E is unusual insofar as e adopted the polytheist label first, while most of us who consider ourselves both usedContinue reading “And, not or”

Wiccanate is here to stay; here’s why

“Wiccanate” as a word didn’t really enter the collective Pagan consciousness until a few months ago, when it started getting concatenated with “privilege.”  It’s a clumsy-looking, awkwardly-pronounced word which refers to those collected practices and traditions which outwardly resemble what most of us think of as Wicca, e.g. casting a circle, balancing gender poles, invokingContinue reading “Wiccanate is here to stay; here’s why”

On Kenny Klein

Word is circulating quickly that musician and writer Kenny Klein has gotten himself into some trouble.  How Pagans react will be telling in understanding how we view community. There is no question that participating in the types of activities that Klein has allegedly admitted to are illegal with good reason.  Protecting our most vulnerable, thoseContinue reading “On Kenny Klein”

Wikipedia 101: sources, sources, sources

The exciting news that there’s going to be a peer-reviewed reconstructionist magazine got me thinking about Wikipedia for Pagans again. “Air n-Aithesc:  Our Message is a peer-reviewed magazine that hopes to offer well researched material for Celtic Reconstructionists and others who value the role of academics as much as they value the role of theContinue reading “Wikipedia 101: sources, sources, sources”