A child’s debt

My parents reared five children and helped them each with college. In the end, there wasn’t enough money left to keep my mother out of a Medicaid-funded nursing home. Many of the people who work there are unaccustomed to patients who are still aware of their surroundings, making the situation less than ideal for her.Continue reading “A child’s debt”

Spare the religion, neglect the child

I’m very interested in Paganism continuing into the future, but I wonder if the experiences that bring people to Pagan traditions also make it more difficult for them to lead their children along that same path. Most of us did not grow up Pagan. Many first-generation Pagans had some kind of traumatic ending to theirContinue reading “Spare the religion, neglect the child”

Advice for the Pagan parent: can you help?

A friend of mine came to me with a problem.  Eir high-school-ish-age child was told by a teacher that “anything outside of the Abrahamic faiths is NOT a religion.”  The child “did call the teacher on it, but got shut down in class.” I found some great resources that dance around the problem, like thisContinue reading “Advice for the Pagan parent: can you help?”