Phutalmios, verdant one, plant-nourishing Poseidon, such bounty has been born of earth! Phutalmios of the waving fields, sun-dappled, wind-kissed, flowing nectar and sap. Phutalmios of the deep woods, lord of life’s quiet secrets and keeper of hidden oaths. Phutalmios of the silent eddy, swirling seed to ground and guarding is rest. Phutalmios of the whiteContinue reading “Bearding”

The space between

The equinox is a liminal time, ideal for a liminal god.  Poseidon was given the portion which is neither above nor below.  He is Domatites, of the doorway which stands between here and there.  He is Epaktaios, of the coastline between realms of land and sea, both of which comprise his domain. I brought myContinue reading “The space between”

“I’d rather Poseidon stay in the ocean.”

I visited a group dedicated to the Green Man to talk about Poseidon.  “Did you know that Poseidon has a Green Man aspect?” I asked, eager to share my enthusiasm for that theme.  I was devoted to the Green Man for many years, and was absolutely floored to discover that maybe I wasn’t worshiping anContinue reading ““I’d rather Poseidon stay in the ocean.””


Today’s Kickstarter update was a musing on what an illustration of Poseidon Phytalmius might look like.  There are so many really excellent pictures drawn of Poseidon relating to the ocean, but not so many covering his earth-god aspects.  That’s really part of why I want to illustrate Depth of Praise, to visually call out hisContinue reading “Imagining”

Waking of Phythalmius

Today being the tipping point between winter and spring, I thought to wake Poseidon Phytalmius from his slumber.  This picture is illustrative of what my shrine to the plant-nourisher looks like in snow, but today is a bit different.  At least 18 inches of snow have fallen since I went to sleep, and there wasContinue reading “Waking of Phythalmius”