Hymn to Ploutos

Ploutos, god of wealth and abundance Giver of largess indiscriminately Blinded by Zeus so thy favors would rain On the good and some who lived not virtuously Conceived in the thrice-plowed field you were Born of Demeter, goddess of grain Master of riches brought forth of the earth And those shining things which ‘neath stillContinue reading “Hymn to Ploutos”

Investment covens, or Pagan investment clubs

Years ago, at a time when only the wise knew that stocks prices ever went down, I unsuccessfully tried to start an investment club.  Today I found myself with the thought in my head that it may be time to revisit that idea, in a Pagan context. Despite the fact that self-identified Pagans have suchContinue reading “Investment covens, or Pagan investment clubs”

Financial building blocks: paying attention

It really didn’t take much to turn my financial world around. The job paid well, and my expenses were low because I never felt inspired to spend for the sake of showing people how much money I had.  I certainly wasn’t wealthy, but I was able to live well within my means and save moneyContinue reading “Financial building blocks: paying attention”

Money: walking the walk

Drawing money to make a better world! I’ve decided to enable advertising on this site, because promoting the movement of money is important to me.  Money inspires a knee-jerk reaction of “don’t look” in a lot of people, perhaps because the god of wealth is blind, but I want to shed light on the subjectContinue reading “Money: walking the walk”

Honoring Ploutos

I’ve been giving some thoughts on how to honor Ploutos, god of wealth.  The youth was blinded by Zeus so he would distribute more indiscriminately, but that method of wealth distribution isn’t exactly working out for most of us.  I think it’s our fault Ploutos doesn’t pay as much attention as we’d like. Hellenistic gods likeContinue reading “Honoring Ploutos”