Polytheist Leadership Conference: it’s a wrap

After reading some of my disjointed thoughts about the first Polytheist Leadership Conference, I should not be surprised that Rhyd Wildermuth is also at a loss for words.  So much of what happens when people with a common interest come together in person is simply hard to express in writing.  Whether it’s this conference orContinue reading “Polytheist Leadership Conference: it’s a wrap”

Stone soup

In his closing remarks at the Polytheist Leadership Conference Sannion compared it to that old tale of collaborative food. People contributing knowledge and wisdom and helping hands. The traditions represented were diverse but the conversations were largely about similarities rather than differences. Ancestors, how we honor them and how the influence us, figured prominently intoContinue reading “Stone soup”

Polytheist shock troops

Kenaz Filan had someone in his session here at the Polytheism Leadership Conference remark that it can be intimidating for someone to try to become a polytheist, because they read writings like his and Sannion’s and might be overwhelmed by how much is asked of them. Not so, he said: those are the “polytheism shockContinue reading “Polytheist shock troops”

Idea stolen: donation challenge for the Polytheist Leadership Conference

There’s a few people trying to get to the Polytheist Leadership Conference this summer, and need help because they don’t live so close that they could run home to feed the cats, like I can.  I’m excited that I can get to this conference and also have a little extra to assist, but after seeingContinue reading “Idea stolen: donation challenge for the Polytheist Leadership Conference”