Oracle for one

I have noted before that I have pulled back on ritual work for the moment, something which Apollon this month confirmed through divination is still appropriate by saying, “Stay, friend.”  In practice this means I stick with what’s daily and have laid down weekly and monthly work, including many of my priestly duties. My oracularContinue reading “Oracle for one”

One for the bucket list

Some weeks ago, Dver suggested a challenge, to wit: What if we made September a month of polytheists blogging about their actual practices? No talking about what other people do or should do, no politics unless it’s an integral part of the religious practice described, no controversies, no denouncing, no complaining about how other bloggersContinue reading “One for the bucket list”

Meanwhile, on the way to the vigil . . .

Last night was supposed to have been a relatively simple, if not easy, beginning to my first-ever observance of the Vigil for the Bulls.  Simple because I had a clear understanding of what I was intending to do, but not easy because it required me to be awake at two in the morning.  Sometimes, oneContinue reading “Meanwhile, on the way to the vigil . . .”