Help me if you’ve been depressed

After sharing my views on depression, I started wondering about how people apply their religious symbols to the problem, for a story at The Wild Hunt.  I have been introduced to several professionals in the mental health field who may speak to me on the subject, but I’m also interested in what self-care techniques depressedContinue reading “Help me if you’ve been depressed”

Advice for the Pagan parent: can you help?

A friend of mine came to me with a problem.  Eir high-school-ish-age child was told by a teacher that “anything outside of the Abrahamic faiths is NOT a religion.”  The child “did call the teacher on it, but got shut down in class.” I found some great resources that dance around the problem, like thisContinue reading “Advice for the Pagan parent: can you help?”

What’s your credit score?

Here’s an incredibly nosy question framed in the form of an unscientific poll.  If you know your credit score (that is, you’ve checked your credit score within the last year; seeing your credit report is also a good idea but not required), please do share it.  I’m only looking for Pagan credit scores, mind you;Continue reading “What’s your credit score?”

Wanted: Pagan accountants

Yes, it’s heading into tax season, and I want to know:  where are the Pagan accountants?  I’m sure they exist; I know so very many Pagan computer programmers, physicists, and similarly right-brained folk that surely there must be some Pagan accountants out there, too, and I would like to talk to them. I may veryContinue reading “Wanted: Pagan accountants”