A brief Samhain memoir

An apple cut starwise The leaves crunched underfoot as we trooped into the small tract of woods we’d selected for its privacy.  In my pocket I had a bunch of notes that I had scratched down from a friend of ours who had done this sort of thing before.  We had a cup and aContinue reading “A brief Samhain memoir”

Seasonal visuals

We are turning from barley to coffee. I continue to be amazed at how my practice of Hellenismos helps me be more rooted in more contemporary Pagan practices, such as the wheel of the year.  The equinox is a time that I honor the turn of the seasons by shifting my offerings to Caffeina. LetContinue reading “Seasonal visuals”

Consecrating a candle to Hestia

Hestia shrine If you keep a shrine to Hestia, chances are pretty good that you burn a candle there.  Yes, there are other sources of flame and light, and I’m sure some people use oil lamps and LED bulbs, among other things, but if you use a candle, sooner or later you’re going to needContinue reading “Consecrating a candle to Hestia”