On being the King

While I was able to strengthen ties with my gods at Laurelin‘s 2012 Lughnasad festival, I also found the universe conspiring to crown me King. In keeping with Celtic tradition, there are always games at Lughnasad, challenging games for mind, body, and sense of humor.  This year was no exception, and as is typical thereContinue reading “On being the King”

So I had this revelation about the afterlife . . .

. . . during a ritual and I want to capture it before it fades.  The afterlife is a state of reciprocal experience and created expectation.  Let me explain. We spend our entire lives pondering what comes next to some extent; it comes up in all religions and at lots of dinner tables, not toContinue reading “So I had this revelation about the afterlife . . .”

Spell for a Prosperous Home and Marriage

When my wife and I selected our wedding rings, we were excited by the prospect of having an acorn arrive with them. We secured a place to plant the young tree (our own property being small and already well populated by trees) and went about the process of bringing the acorn through dormancy into germination.Continue reading “Spell for a Prosperous Home and Marriage”

Adding Yule and Christmas to my Ashes of Community

Now that I have a fireplace in my home I expect my ashes of community to get a longer pedigree. We had ritual fires for both Yule and Christmas, because a fire in the fireplace just makes everything better. The last time I tried to post a list of my ashes turned out pretty messy,Continue reading “Adding Yule and Christmas to my Ashes of Community”