Real money magic: thrift

In a fascinating post that examines the impact of free events on the economic viability of the Pagan community, Sable Aradia uses the tongue-in-cheek subheading of, “Pagans are . . . Thrifty” to drive home a point about one of the ways we struggle with financial issues. What she means is that we’re cheap. WhileContinue reading “Real money magic: thrift”

Money in the bank: the Pagan penny challenge

One of the simplest ways to bring more money into one’s life is to take control of the money that is already there.  To that end, I present the Pagan penny challenge as a means to do so in the coming year. I’ve practiced that type of prosperity magic for many years, and the resultContinue reading “Money in the bank: the Pagan penny challenge”

TPW’s debt story, or: how one Pagan got buried and dug himself out again

My debt story began the way it has for many people before and since, with college.  Some of the details are timeless, but others might be quite different than what the students of 2016 are experiencing.  One thing I suspect is unchanging is the fact that college is more financially perilous for the children ofContinue reading “TPW’s debt story, or: how one Pagan got buried and dug himself out again”