A Pagan investing primer (which is actually for everybody)

A family friend recently asked me about the stock market. E knows it’s an important part of the economy, but is frustrated how little e was learning in school about it. “All I really know is that it’s where people make money,” e said. E knows it to be an important concept, but not importantContinue reading “A Pagan investing primer (which is actually for everybody)”

A child’s debt

My parents reared five children and helped them each with college. In the end, there wasn’t enough money left to keep my mother out of a Medicaid-funded nursing home. Many of the people who work there are unaccustomed to patients who are still aware of their surroundings, making the situation less than ideal for her.Continue reading “A child’s debt”

Towards a drama-less year

After reading a few top ten lists of Pagan blog posts for 2013, I’m really very excited about this community.  It’s been so volatile, in such specific ways, that I think it’s poised for another evolution. The stuff that has gotten people really engaged has been about important questions: What does it mean when someoneContinue reading “Towards a drama-less year”