Waking of Phythalmius

Today being the tipping point between winter and spring, I thought to wake Poseidon Phytalmius from his slumber.  This picture is illustrative of what my shrine to the plant-nourisher looks like in snow, but today is a bit different.  At least 18 inches of snow have fallen since I went to sleep, and there wasContinue reading “Waking of Phythalmius”

Phytalmius photo op

I am no stranger to the Green Man.  Indeed, I wear his jacket, or would if I could remember to get the zipper fixed.  That’s why I was pretty excited to write about Poseidon Phytalmius, since I had no idea he had any meaningful link to green, growing things. Tumblr readers, you’re going to wantContinue reading “Phytalmius photo op”

The broken goddess

There’s a tree in my yard, under which I started a moss garden when we first moved here a few years ago.  After I began practicing Hellenismos, I got the sense that this spot is sacred to Artemis, but other than an occasional libation, my tending did not change overmuch for quite some time.  ThisContinue reading “The broken goddess”

Jarred by dreams

I’ve been a Pagan for 24 years, but it wasn’t until I settled into Hellenismos that I started getting messages in dreams.  I believe that’s a clear sign that I’m on the path that suits me best.  (That thought is not intended to suggest that Hellenismos is the One True Way.  Find that path that resonatesContinue reading “Jarred by dreams”