It’s okay, Pagans, take that charitable tax deduction

I had someone tell me that e did not believe that writing off charitable giving on the ol’ tax return is a particularly moral thing to do.  The argument, as I understood it, is that it makes the donation less sincere if you’re going to get some of it back. I see things differently. MoneyContinue reading “It’s okay, Pagans, take that charitable tax deduction”

Wanted: Pagan accountants

Yes, it’s heading into tax season, and I want to know:  where are the Pagan accountants?  I’m sure they exist; I know so very many Pagan computer programmers, physicists, and similarly right-brained folk that surely there must be some Pagan accountants out there, too, and I would like to talk to them. I may veryContinue reading “Wanted: Pagan accountants”