books to read to learn about Hellenismos

I was quite blessed when I was first called by my gods, because I found a teacher. I do a tremendous amount of reading and practicing on my own, but having a framework — even one that I bend out of shape from time to time — has made all the difference. Not everyone is asContinue reading “books to read to learn about Hellenismos”

Mystic South workshops

It is my honor to be presenting this year at Mystic South, rubbing elbows with people far more learned than myself. On my slate is a workshop and two rituals: Thrifty Pagan Workshop.  Spells, rituals, and prayers around money are incredibly common, but if they work, why aren’t all the people who use them wealthy?Continue reading “Mystic South workshops”

She changes everything she touches

Work for change I got a well-deserved kick in the pants a few months ago, which got me to finally present the workshop which has been floating around in my head for the past fifteen years.  I came away from my first presentation of Dirty Money with a greater understanding of how money changes all thatContinue reading “She changes everything she touches”