The final solution

For this week’s story on The Wild Hunt I asked some Pagans about the death penalty. While I was looking for the views Pagans hold on execution, I was really curious if those views were informed by religion.  While some of the respondents did try to articulate their opinions in a religious context because IContinue reading “The final solution”

Support community journalism

Friends, Romans, co-religionists, lend me your eyes.  It is my intention to extol the virtues of The Wild Hunt, its importance to our collected communities, and urge you to action. It is my honor to be part of the oldest and most respected Pagan news agency out there.  The Wild Hunt is a labor ofContinue reading “Support community journalism”

Pagan parents: are your sons in Boy Scouts?

Either way, would you help a reporter out?  I’m interested in what you think of the Boy Scouts of America in the wake of the organization clearing the way for gay leaders. If you are involved, what’s the buzz?  How are people within scouting reacting? If your boy is not a scout, was that yourContinue reading “Pagan parents: are your sons in Boy Scouts?”

With apologies to my sources

A large number of people told me what they think of the Percy Jackson books, and when I wrote my article I didn’t use almost any of it.  I found myself fascinated by the kids’ perspective, which is so often minimized in every situation, and made it all about them.  In fact, I wish I’dContinue reading “With apologies to my sources”