Mysteries of the bull

Dear Poseidon, This year’s vigil is at an end.  All that remains is to print out the rituals and hymns to preserve in my book of practice.  All that’s physical, at least.  There is much I need to ponder, as well. I know you exposed me to some of your mysteries.  For a writer, that’sContinue reading “Mysteries of the bull”

Offering of the bull

I’ve been preparing for the Vigil for the Bulls for about ten months now, as compared to the week or two I’ve invested in years past.  I already know the vigil will have far-reaching consequences in my life. Even as I was wrapping up last year’s vigil, I had a sense that I wanted toContinue reading “Offering of the bull”

Taking the vigil by the horns

Even a year ago, I knew that I would be performing the Vigil for the Bulls again.  This was the first observance I performed in my home temple, as part of my studies to become Poseidon’s priest, and I internalized the vigil as part of my own liturgical year, blending with the celebrations proscribed byContinue reading “Taking the vigil by the horns”

It ends

It ends in the light once the last bull has run through the gates of the ring where the killing is done. Great Poseidon, we mourn! Sacred beasts, all mistreated have been dispatched from this realm in the end, all defeated. We remember the light and soul in their eyes and the unanswered question weContinue reading “It ends”