Is this real life?

To be fair, I never paid much attention to the running of the bulls before.  I remember learning some time ago that, despite the dramatic pictures, there are only six bulls involved in each run; the danger to humans is in fact quite overrated if one considers the sheer number of them in the streets. Continue reading “Is this real life?”

It’s not just bull

Sitting vigil last night, I lingered on the final stanza of the hymn I wrote to Poseidon Taureos: All who feast upon the meat or profit from the sale or leverage the strength or dance between the horns or flee the trampling hoof or seek freedom ‘pon its back owe you a debt Zeus himselfContinue reading “It’s not just bull”

Meanwhile, on the way to the vigil . . .

Last night was supposed to have been a relatively simple, if not easy, beginning to my first-ever observance of the Vigil for the Bulls.  Simple because I had a clear understanding of what I was intending to do, but not easy because it required me to be awake at two in the morning.  Sometimes, oneContinue reading “Meanwhile, on the way to the vigil . . .”