Brain trust

Just a few short weeks ago a friend of mine took a tumble, and the impact of her head striking the ice outside of her home resonated deep within my soul.  We talk about the cycles of the world, and how similar things tend to happen again and again . . . this felt likeContinue reading “Brain trust”

So I had this revelation about the afterlife . . .

. . . during a ritual and I want to capture it before it fades.  The afterlife is a state of reciprocal experience and created expectation.  Let me explain. We spend our entire lives pondering what comes next to some extent; it comes up in all religions and at lots of dinner tables, not toContinue reading “So I had this revelation about the afterlife . . .”

Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated

AIG should follow through with its badly-negotiated contracts, and should do so without using one dime of the bailout money. The roots of our economic crisis are actually really, really complicated; we’ve learned to do things with money that are so dizzying that we really have no idea what’s going to happen next. It comesContinue reading “Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated”

Why Men Can’t Pee Neatly

Warning: graphic biological content ahead. Women (and some men) that live with men and boys can periodically be heard bellowing the cry, “Lift the seat!” when they are tasked with cleaning the toilet. Dried urine stains on all parts of that porcelain appliance can be pretty disgusting to deal with, and it’s a challenge thatContinue reading “Why Men Can’t Pee Neatly”