Precious life

Today sees the publication of the most difficult piece I have written to date for The Wild Hunt, about Pagans and animal sacrifice.  It was difficult because this is an issue that has a lot of passion underlying it, and I had to capture what others know and feel without tainting it with my own views.

I love animals.  I’ve had pets in my life for all of my life.  Pets, not livestock.  I didn’t grow up on a farm, I grew up in a place where meat appeared to grow in styrofoam packets.  My exposure to agricultural life came from watching the Dukes of Hazzard and playing with my Fisher Price farm.  When I finally encountered animals larger than my dog, it was and still is with fearful wonder.  Even a gentle giant can cause great harm if spooked, and I do not know these creatures like I do my cats, whom I still inadvertently scare sometimes.

What I am is a typical American, disconnected from the food chain and unlikely to think about the mountain of death which sustains my life — every life.  Life feeds on life.  Learning about the methods and reasons behind sacrifice was fascinating.  I considered asking if I could observe such a rite, but in the end I decided I’m not ready to do that.  It would change me, in ways I’d rather not think about, or imagine.

To write about such a topic is wonderful — I get to learn new things! — and grueling.  This subject is dear because life is dear.  Did I come off like I was condemning sacrifice?  Was I a cheerleader?  If I struck the right balance, it will either further healthy debate, or lead both sides to condemn me as favoring the other.

One thought on “Precious life

  1. In my humble experience with the Gods I’ve come to the conclusion that those types of sacrifices were invented by humans for human reasons. I no longer believe they truly desire the blood of a living entity.

    When I offer sacrifice it’s in the form of Honey to the land, Candles charged for the Gods, Spiritual sacrifice of negative energies within my own being, etc..

    The Animals have suffered enough with our kind blatantly massacring them and the land for food and Corporate parking spaces. I refused to do those types of Sacrifices in the African Diaspora community as well and Lady Inle/Erinle appeared to my master in Divination to support my decision.


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