Reviews in waiting

It takes a lot of time and it doesn’t make me any money, but I do enjoy writing honest book reviews.  Jason Mankey has kindly given me a higher platform for that work, “Pergamum Unfurled.”  Reviewing books are various kinds is something I’ve done for some years; I have even done it for pay.  (That didn’t work out in the long run because authors paying for reviews are expecting something unabashedly positive, while I believe my fellow readers deserve honesty.  However, I give props to Shirley Roe, who ran All Books Review and hired me even though my test review — of her own work — was frank and not entirely complimentary.)


Part of me is hesitant to do this because I am no speed reader, but I am now accepting pagan books for review.  However, be advised I only review books, not electronic files; you will have to mail me a copy of the work.  Publishers and authors interested in having a pagan book reviewed should fill out the form embedded herein and I’ll reach out.

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