Quest for cash

Learned hoodoo practitioner Kirk White gave me the details of a money-hunter spell a few weeks ago, and I’m all set to try it.  This particular spell is the first I’ve encountered that seems to depend upon some of the hidden laws of money behavior, so I figured I have to check it out.

Hoodoo money-hunter spell

You’ll need:
  • A piece of US paper currency (although any country’s money will work with some tweaking)
  • Anointing oil (olive oil or any oil associated with prosperity)
  • Pen (my pen is good for marking bills, but anything from ordinary to sooper magical will do)
  • Lodestone
Ingredients:  money, pen, oil, lodestone


  1. In each corner of the bill, write the instruction “return to me” (also can be abbreviated RTM) or the sigil $$¢¢$$ (for success).
  2. Sign your name over the signature of the treasury secretary (this will need to be tweaked if your country’s money is signed by someone else).
  3. Anoint the corners and center of the bill with oil.
  4. Place a lodestone atop the bill, on your working altar, for seven days.
  5. Spend the money.
  6. More money will return to you.
  7. Using a larger number of bills, repeat steps 1-5.
My local witchy shop was conflicted about the lodestone — their database said they had it, but no one had seen any shipments of the stuff in months.  After recommending places to order it online, I got a call back saying that, lo and behold, a stash of 30 or so pieces were unearthed, as it were!  I scooped one up and then, they released the hounds.

I owe Hermes another dollar for that one, come to think of it.

They also sell their own “money magick” oil, which I thought was appropriate as anything.

Please comment or link back if you try this out, and let me know the results.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, a yearlong exploration of spirituality.  This specific post is brought to you by the letter P.

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