The winter solstice is when members of the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan celebrate the Kheimenia, which is a busy festival that tips the hat to an oodle or two of ancient and modern celebrations.  We were unable to gather together and each of us was given the opportunity to celebrate separately.  ForContinue reading “Kheimenia”

How does your tradition handle wrathful, savage and destructive divinities?

The theoi — gods of the Hellenes, or “ancient Greeks” — are a study in opposites.  Poseidon rules earth as well as sea.  Zeus is progenitor of many offspring by many mothers, but is also god of marriage.  Hermes is swift as thought,yet his oldest representation is as a standing stone.  Demeter brings forth crops,Continue reading “How does your tradition handle wrathful, savage and destructive divinities?”

Libations with grape juice

It’s not traditional, but I make libations to the gods with grape juice.  Some may feel this means I’m more following Methodism than Hellenismos, but it makes a tremendous amount of sense to me. The reason at first was pedestrian:  I don’t care for wine.  I’ve always found it to have an unpleasant taste; inContinue reading “Libations with grape juice”