bearded PoseidonPhutalmios, verdant one,
plant-nourishing Poseidon,
such bounty has been born of earth!

Phutalmios of the waving fields,
sun-dappled, wind-kissed,
flowing nectar and sap.

Phutalmios of the deep woods,
lord of life’s quiet secrets
and keeper of hidden oaths.

Phutalmios of the silent eddy,
swirling seed to ground
and guarding is rest.

Phutalmios of the white barley,
a geyser erupted,
beard of the world.

Phutalmios, cloak swirling,
covered in night
to sleep once more.

Ode to Poseidon

Power of a million steeds, charging like a wave is your authority O Supreme Poseidon, Holy King of the Sea and Ocean Depths.
Wielder of the Royal Scepter, we call the Silver Trident, given to thee of Holy King by your deathless uncles called the Cyclops.
Earth mover, creator of All Horses, Sovereign and Master of the quickening Storms. Holy One, son of Kronos the Time Lord, who vanquish the Titanic race during the Great War with thy kin.

-Carlos Cisneros.

Poseidon Psychopompos

King Poseidon, the endless seas and all beneath are your domain.
Nurturing one, the cycle of life is in your hands
with which you hold the Earth you protect.
Watcher from the depths, keeper of the tides,
you bear the secrets of the dark places.

I sing to you, Poseidon Psychyopompos,
who takes the sailors from the homes
and the drowned, the lost, the castaways,
the pirated, the evidence of mortal misdeeds
and all who breathe the waters of life.

From your realms are born all that swim,
and those that swim give life to those that walk.
So too are fish offered to please you, for in death
those that swim and are offered
sustain you as surely as the fatted calf.

Upon the tides over which you rule
are cast what remains of our honored dead.
Receive them in death as your sustained them in life.
Strip them flesh from bone so that they are ready
to be borne by you to your brother’s realm.

By shell will you know the ones
that take the perilous journey of burial at sea.
Comport them with honor, remember their service,
open the way for your devotees.
May this never be the only hymn I offer you.

Poseidon Agoraios

I sing of the market
I sing to the sea
I sing for the traders
who bring community.

I celebrate Poseidon
as he opens the way
to this human innovation,
to exchange commodities.

With the markets come a burden,
a price not paid today.
May Poseidon trade in wisdom
of how this greed to stay.

The market gates stand open
to all the ships at sea.
All that glitters, all that shines,
can be bought by this decree:

A portion for Poseidon,
a portion for the home,
a portion for one’s mortal loves,
and one for those who roam.

Poseidon Mousêgetês

A song never sung goes to Poseidon Mousêgetês,
for memory flees and with it, this name.
Leader of Muses before they gave beauty voice,
guardian of the soft heart that through poetry, weeps.

When the brothers divided the sky from the land,
and each took a portion, his own to command,
dark Haides withdrew to the places unseen,
while above came the throne of Zeus Celestine.

Sea from sky, earth from under,
divisions were clear,
but for those bright spirits
not of this world, but near.

Some flocked to Haides, of money and death.
To Zeus clove spirits of justice and breath.
And closest to the lands that mortals eyes beheld
were the daimones of beauty enfolded in hard shells.

So precious did he find them,
these daimones, bright and pure,
that Poseidon loathed to risk them
near his sacred, rocky shores.

In time, the young god knew
that this world was yet unborn
as he watched the first men’s races,
lived not with love, but scorn.

With each new god that came
to add richness to the world,
Poseidon let the shells dissolve
until beauty was unfurled.

And into that potential
did his brother in the sky
seek several kind goddesses
with which, in time, to lie.

Mousêgetês is not your name
for those maidens were unknown
until you freed potential
so that artist could carve stone.

Poseidon Nymphagetes

By the trident of Poseidon
struck upon the rocky froth
does a pure and bubbling spring
now dance and issue forth!

Lord of nymphs of springs
they arise at your command
and issuing bubbling cataracts
upon the thirsty land.

The briny ocean’s salt
does not touch these spirits fair;
for this god of cooling springs
bids them let down their hair.

The spirits dance
the fountains sing
the nymphs will dance
and praise their king.

Poseidon Dêlios

All honors are due to Poseidon Dêlios,
who raised the sacred island from the sea.
Without that holy place of sight
the world would lack prophecy.

Great god of the ocean foresaw
a failing of mortal thought:
that to externalize in law
would distinguish might from ought.

The insight that we lack
is within the gods, each one,
but none could make this clear
without a mortal tongue.

In Delos lay all hope
as Poseidon raised it high,
providing tools to ask the gods
of what and when and why.

Honored were you at that place
and honored should you be.
For now Apollon and great Zeus
bring truth through prophecy.