For my many gods

Follower of gods and friend of mortals let this work be shared with you and by you, for as offering to the deathless ones I pray it shall ever more delight their ears. Begin always with Hestia, first among those who dwell on high, who walks as one with or beside the wakeful Caffeina, bringingContinue reading “For my many gods”

TPW’s debt story, or: how one Pagan got buried and dug himself out again

My debt story began the way it has for many people before and since, with college.  Some of the details are timeless, but others might be quite different than what the students of 2016 are experiencing.  One thing I suspect is unchanging is the fact that college is more financially perilous for the children ofContinue reading “TPW’s debt story, or: how one Pagan got buried and dug himself out again”

Vanquishing debt

I promised a Facebook friend I would write a post about debt elimination, but the more I know, the harder it is to write just little bits about this topic, especially when it comes to writing about debt for Pagans, a group that tends to have strong feelings about money in general. Instead, I thinkContinue reading “Vanquishing debt”

Let’s Disenchant the World! Part 1

This is a long read, but a calm and careful look at a part of the atheist-vs-polytheist debates which are again running rampant. And back to our regularly scheduled beatings. Because if if you believe in the Gods as discrete, individual beings, you’re a shithead who needs to top focusing on such stupid ideas. That’sContinue reading “Let’s Disenchant the World! Part 1”